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New Undergraduate Admissions Status Check

This status check page is for new undergraduate applicants only. To check your graduate application status, click here.

To check your former student application status, contact the Office of the Registrar at 912-478-5152.

If you submitted your application more than 72 hours ago and are not able to access your Status Check Page, email

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Congratulations on your acceptance! You're on your way to an exciting future. Wondering what to do next? Use the menus below to view your official acceptance letter, learn about orientation, and much more!

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Application Status:

  • Checklist Definitions
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  • Required for an Admission Decision; Not Yet Received
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If required, Admissions will review the senior year schedule of classes reported on the application and transcript once all other items are received.

  • Some majors cannot be fully completed on all campuses. If you selected a major that cannot be completed on the campus you choose, you will be contacted by a counselor to assist with your academic plan. Review the list of majors by campus here.
  • Student Accessibility Resource Center: If you need accommodations due to a disability, please click here to complete the Voluntary Declaration of Disability Form for your primary campus.
  • We encourage students to contact their Admissions Counselor with any questions they may have about their application status.
Financial Aid
Student Fees

Check your online invoice in WINGS once you've registered for classes for your billing information.


Students new to Georgia Southern are eligible to apply for housing once they have been admitted to Georgia Southern. Typically there is a short waiting period from the time of admittance to when an email notification from housing is generated indicating that the application is available. To apply for on-campus housing or to check the status of your housing application, please log into the portal and click on the On-Campus Housing Portal under the Campus Life tile to log in.

For more information on University Housing, including the mandatory First-Year Live on Requirement, click here.

For information on Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, or Research Assistantships, please click here.

If any information on this page is empty or incorrect, please click here to update. If you need to update Parent/Guardian information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 912-478-5391 or