Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget or lose my username and password?

Click the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" links from the MyGeorgiaSouthern login page.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk at 478-2287 or

What happens if I have a problem with WINGS, Folio or email?

Contact the Service Desk at 478-2287 or or use MyTechHelp to submit a ticket.

When I change my password on does it automatically change my Banner, SafeConnect and other passwords?

Yes. There are certain items that you will not be able to access through Single Sign-on such as your FTP account if you have a personal website or SafeConnect if you live in the Residence Halls. When you change your password on it will change your password for SafeConnect. The Single Sign-on password and username only apply to WINGS, Folio, email, FTP, and SafeConnect. There may also be other systems that do not link up with

When will I get Student Email?

Students receive their student email accounts 24 hours after they register for classes.

When will I get Folio?

Students receive their Folio accounts 48 hours after they register for classes.

Why am I automatically logged out of MyGeorgiaSouthern after 20 minutes?

For security reasons we automatically log users off if they are idle for more than 20 minutes. You'll see a warning message asking if you want to stay connected before you're logged out.

I am a faculty member and can not log in to MyGeorgiaSouthern?

You must have an active Active Directory account, attended WINGS training and agreed to FERPA before you'll have access to MyGeorgiaSouthern.

Parent Accounts

How do I get a parent portal account?

Your Georgia Southern University student will sign you up and provide to you a secure username and password. Only your student will have access to this information and will be able to change the password if lost.

Can my student create multiple parent accounts?

Yes - After your Eagle Nation account is setup and confirmed, your student has the option to allow parental access via the student's WINGS account. The student will log into MyGeorgiaSouthern, then go to Personal Settings --> My Services --> Online Parent Services and follow the instructions on the screen. This process allows the student to grant access to more than one parent.

What services are offered in the parent portal?

Why can't I change my parent portal password?

Since the parent account could be shared between parents we have removed the ability for the parent to changed the password to reduce the confussion. We will be changing this in the near future so that the parent will have their own account and have the ability to change the password.

I lost my parent portal password. How do I get it reset?

Your student is in full control of parent accounts. To get you password reset please contact your student and they can reset it for you. The student can also delete a parent's account at any time.