Student Online Course Search FAQ

Q: How can I find the course search?

A: On the main My.GeorgiaSouthern page, the link is directly below the login box. It is found at the following URL:

Q: How do I search for Internet courses?

A: Use the "Internet Only" checkbox on the third row of search choices. (There are no other required parameters to run this search.)

Q: How do I search for all classes taught by a single instructor?

A: Click the Advanced Search option and use the "Instructor" box. It will automatically fill-in the instructor's name as you type. (There are no other required parameters to run this search.)

Q: How does "Previous Searches" work?

A: The Previous Searches option only works on the computer you are using during the current session. It does not remember from one computer to the next nor store any information about you.

Q: How can I sort my results by location or other information?

A: Click the column header on the results page to sort the list of courses by that field. For example, click "Location" at the top of the page to sort ascending (A-Z) by location. Click again to sort descending (Z-A).

Q: What if the course does not have a location or meeting time listed?

A: It is probably an Internet Only course. You will know an Internet Only course by the blue mouse icon located on the far right of the results page or at the bottom of the details page by clicking the CRN (course reference number).

Q: I am looking for a Summer Term B course. How do I find out what summer term a course is offered?

A: When you click on a specific course in the results page, another page opens with details about the course. Look at the box in the top right corner to locate the term. You can also filter your search by doing an Advanced Search and selecting Sessions to choose a specific part of term for summer.

Q: Why is there a negative number listed for "Open Seats"?

A: The course is over the maximum seat limit.

Q: What do the icons on the right side of the course listing mean?

A: There is a special status for that particular section. Mouse over the icon to see a text-based description of the icons.

Q: How can I use the online course search to register for courses?

A: You can use the course search to easily locate the course(s) for which you want to register. Obtain the CRN and then use WINGS to register for the course(s). Hint: Open the course search in one window, then open WINGS up in the other window.

Q: How can I use the search tool from within WINGS?

A: The course search tool is located outside of WINGS, however, there is a link inside of WINGS on the Student Information page. This will open the search in a new window to allow you to use both the course search and WINGS at the same time.

Q: How can I increase /decrease the text size of the search results?

A: Most modern web browsers include a zoom feature for web pages. Look for the "View" command at the top of the window and use the controls to increase/decrease text size.